General Knowledge Quiz Set

Ø  Who invented Hydrogen bomb?
(A) J. Robert Oppenheimer
(B) Albert Einstein
(C) Samuel Kohen
(D) Edward Teller
Answer : (D) Edward Teller
Ø  In which of the following food item of same
quantity maximum calorie is found?
(A) Butter
(B) Apple
(C) Cheese
(D) Sugar
Answer : (A) Butter
Ø  Why tyres of vehicles are well inflated?
(A) To ensure moving in even state.
(B) To increase weight carrying capacity
(C) To avoid skidding and for minimum
(D) To move fast and save fuel.
Answer : (C) To avoid skidding and for minimum friction
Ø  For which of the following act Bhagat Singh
and his friends Rajguru and Sukhdev were
hanged on March 23, 1931 ?
(A) For the assassination of Saunders in
Lahore in 1928
(B) For the Kakori conspiracy
(C) For throwing bomb in Central Assembly
on April 18,1927
(D) For Lahore conspiracy
Answer : (A) For the assassination of Saunders in
Lahore in 1928
Ø  Haemoglobin and chlorophyll are two
biological molecules. Which of the following
statement is correct?
(A) Both have Iron
(B) Both have magnesium
(C) Chlorophyll has Magnesium and
haemoglobin has Iron
(D) Haemoglobin has Cobalt and
Chlorophyll has Chlorine
Answer : (C) Chlorophyll has Magnesium and
haemoglobin has Iron
Ø  What is formed by the hydrolysis of sucrose ?
(A) Only Lactose
(B) Only Glucose
(C) Glucose and Fructose
(D) Glucose and Lactose
Answer : (C) Glucose and Fructose
Ø  Refrigeration is the process, due to which
(A) Bacterias are killed
(B) Decreases the growth of bacteria
(C) Efficiency of bacteria is restrained
(D) Bacteria are converted into plasma
Answer : (C) Efficiency of bacteria is restrained
Ø  Which is the best method of waste disposal?
(A) Vermiculture
(B) Incineration
(C) Land filling
(D) Burning
Answer : (C) Land filling
Ø  Some viruses have R.N.A. but don't have
D.N.A. it shows that:
(A) Virus doesn't replicate
(B) These viruses don't have hereditary
(C) RNA transmit hereditary information
in viruses
(D) Nuclic acid can be crystallized.
Answer : (C) RNA transmit hereditary information
in viruses
Ø  The protein due to which susceptibility of a
cell to the invasion by the virus is reduced
is known as?
(A) Actomyosin
(B) Chloromycetin
(C) Hybridoma
(D) Interferon
Answer : (B) Chloromycetin
Ø  Rajya Sabha being a permanent house–
(A) One-third members retire every two
(B) One-half members retire every three
(C) Fifth part of members retire every years
(D) Sixth part of members retire every
Answer : (A) One-third members retire every two
Ø  Which Pallava ruler founded the city of
Mahabalipuram and constructed many
temples there?
(A) Narasimha Varman
(B) Simhavishnu (Avanisimha)
(C) Shiva Skandavaram
(D) Mahendra Varman I
Answer : (A) Narasimha Varman
Ø  The layer present in between xylem and
phloem in Dicot stem is?
(A) Sclereids (B) Cambium
(C) Starch Sheath (D) Pith
Answer : (B) Cambium
Ø  The plant which grows under water stress
conditions of deserts are?
(A) Sciophytes (B) Epiphytes
(C) Xerophytes (D) Heliophytes
Answer : (C) Xerophytes
Ø  Alfalfa is the name of which kind of
(A) Forest (B) Crop
(C) Grass (D) None of above
Answer : (C) Grass
Ø  Which of the followings growth is controlled
and excited by estrogen and progesterone?
(A) Pituitary gland
(B) Thyroid gland
(C) Mammary gland
(D) Adrenal gland
Answer : (C) Mammary gland
Ø  'My Presidential Years' book is written by–
(A) Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma
(B) Dr. S. Radhakrishnan
(C) R. Venkataraman
(D) Dr. Rajendra Prasad
Answer : (C) R. Venkataraman
Ø  Markets fail -
(A) When they make all consumers and
producers surplus equal
(B) When they add to the surplus of all
consumers and producers
(C) When they can’t maximize surplus of
all consumers and producers
(D) When they maximize surplus of all
Answer : (C) When they can’t maximize surplus of
all consumers and producers consumers and producers
Ø  In South India, who led the Dandi March?
(A) K. Kamraj (B) Bhakt Vatsalam
(C) Rajaji (D) T. Prakasam
Answer : (C) Rajaji
Ø  Which Prakrit language is uniformly used
by Ashoka in all his inscriptions?
(A) Ardhmagadhi (B) Surseni
(C) Magadhi (D) Angika
Answer : (A) Ardhmagadhi
Ø  Which of the following grain was first used
by human?
(A) Ragi (B) Wheat
(C) Barley (D) Oat
Answer : (B) Wheat
Ø  Classification of government in
parliamentary and presidential form is
based on:-
(A) Centre-State Relation
(B) Legislative-Executive Relation
(C) Executive-Judiciary Relation
(D) All of the above
Answer : (D) All of the above
Ø  The basic principle of maximizing social
benefits is based on which principle ?
(A) Micro economics
(B) Macro economics
(C) Fiscal Economics
(D) Environmental Economics
Answer : (C) Fiscal Economics
Ø  Who among the following favoured 'labour
theory of property'?
(A) Thomas Hobbes
(B) John Locke
(C) J.J. Ruso
(D) J.S. Mill
Answer : (D) J.S. Mill
Ø  To whom is the Council of ministers of state
collectively accountable?
(A) Governor
(B) Chief Minister
(C) President of India
(D) Vidhan Sabha
Answer : (D) Vidhan Sabha
Ø  Name of the cold ocean current passing
through the coast of North America–
(A) Kuroshio current
(B) Gulfstream
(C) Labrador current
(D) Falkland current
Answer : (C) Labrador current
Ø  The purchase of a tractor by a farmer is his -
(A) Final consumption
(B) Fixed investment
(C) Investment goods
(D) Intermediate consumption
Answer : (B) Fixed investment
Ø  What is 'Kaal Baishakhi'?
(A) As harvest
(B) A religious ritual practiced in Kerala
(C) Cyclonic Storm
(D) None of the above
Answer : (C) Cyclonic Storm
Ø  India's special economic zones were
established in order to increase?
(A) Free Trade
(B) Foreign Investment
(C) Employment
(D) Technological development
Answer : (B) Foreign Investment
Ø  In what type of economy, national income
and domestic income are equal?
(A) Closed Economy
(B) Open Economy
(C) Developed Economy
(D) Developing Economy
Answer : (A) Closed Economy
Ø  Which fertilizer is produced in Sindri,
(A) Urea
(B) Ammonium Phosphate
(C) Calcium Superphosphate
(D) Ammonium Sulphate
Answer : (D) Ammonium Sulphate
Ø  --------- found in Bats
(A) Ultrasonic sound system
(B) Infrared detector system
(C) Radio wave detector system
(D) Optical communication
Answer : (A) Ultrasonic sound system
Ø  Which of the following is built on the
principle of persistence of vision.
(A) Camera
(B) Spectroscope
(C) Cinema
(D) Periscope
Answer : (A) Camera
Ø  What should be mainly in a fuse wire?
(A) High melting point, low resistance
(B) Low melting point, low resistance
(C) Low melting point, high resistance
(D) High melting point, high resistance
Answer : (C) Low melting point, high resistance
Ø  Why fish die more in summer than in
(A) Due to lack of food
(B) Due to concentration of toxic
(C) Due to decrement of oxygen
(D) Due to outbreak of disease
Answer : (C) Due to decrement of oxygen
Ø  Who was the leader of 'Young Bengal
(A) Raja Rammohan Roy
(B) Devendranath Tagore
(C) Henri Vivian Derozio
(D) David Hare
Answer : (C) Henri Vivian Derozio
Ø  Honourable Supreme Court has the right
to handle disputes between the President
and the Vice President. It is Supreme
(A) Fundamental Right
(B) Legal Right
(C) Advisory Right
(D) Versatile Right
Answer : (A) Fundamental Right
Ø  During which viceroy's tenure, 1st Factory
Act was passed?
(A) Lord Curzon (B) Lord Lytton
(C) Lord Rippon (D) Lord Canning
Answer : (C) Lord Rippon
Ø  Who organized the first Bhakti Andolan?
(A) Nanak (B) Meera
(C) Ramdas (D) Ramanujacharya
Answer : (D) Ramanujacharya
Ø  Exploitation of resources is called. "The
tragedy of the commons". This term was
coined by?
(A) Garrett Hardin (B) Seligman
(C) Adolf Vagner (D) A.P. Larner
Answer : (A) Garrett Hardin
Ø  Which one of the following is odd-one out?
(A) Kathakalli (B) Bhangra
(C) Kuchipudi (D) Bharatnatyam
Answer : (B) Bhangra
Ø  Which one of the following is the major
source of Revenue for Indian States?
(A) Income tax
(B) Sales tax
(C) States excise tax
(D) Land Revenue
Answer : (B) Sales tax
Ø  National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resoures
(NBPGR) is situated in which city?
(A) Bangaluru (B) Jammu
(C) New Delhi (D) Shillong
Answer : (D) Shillong
Ø  Which of the following gas is used to kill
(A) Chlorine (B) Oxygen
(C) Hydrogen (D) Neon
Answer : (A) Chlorine
Ø  With which sport is Nehru Trophy
associated ?
(A) Hockey
(B) Football
(C) Kabaddi
(D) Table Tennis (Women)
Answer : (A) Hockey
Ø  Who is the writer of “The Umbrella Man”?
(A) Anita Desai
(B) Salman Rushdie
(C) Siddhartha Gigoo
(D) Saba Naqvi
Answer : (C) Siddhartha Gigoo
Ø  To examine 'Net Neutrality' which
committee has been set up ?
(A) E. Padmanabhan Committee
(B) A.K. Bhargava Committee
(C) TCA Anant Committee
(D) AK Mittal Committee
Answer : (B) A.K. Bhargava Committee
Ø  Who is going to head New Development
Bank of BRICS ?
(A) Pahlaj Nihlani (B) R.H. Mathur
(C) K.V. Kamath (D) Shekhar Sen
Answer : (C) K.V. Kamath
Ø  When Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana (RKVY)
was launched?
(A) 2006 (B) 2007
(C) 2014 (D) 2015
Answer : (B) 2007
Ø  Currently in the Lok Sabha, seats reserved
for the scheduled castes and scheduled
tribes are respectively
(A) 87 and 48 (B) 84 and 47
(C) 42 and 23 (D) 79 and 41
Answer : (B) 84 and 47


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