Current affairs this week #1

"FIFA Player of the Year"

 2008: Cristiano Ronaldo
2009: Lionel Messi
2010: Lionel Messi
2011: Lionel Messi
2012: Lionel Messi
2013: Cristiano Ronaldo
2014: Cristiano Ronaldo
2015: Lionel Messi
2016: Cristiano Ronaldo
2017: Cristiano Ronaldo
2018: Luka Modric
2019: Lionel Messi

Recently Google Earth have covered how much percent of entire population? - 98%

Who was given additional charge of Meghalaya as governor? - RN Ravi

 The 25th UN Climate Change Conference was held in? - Madrid, Spain

Who was named WTA "Player of the Year 2019"?
- AshleighBarty


 CAB: Citizenship Amendment Bill
 NRC: National Register of Citizens

- Based on religion

- Non-Muslim immigrants frm Pakistan, Bangladesh&Afghanistan

- who entered before 31-12-2014

- General

- illegal immigrants frm Bangladesh

- who entered before 24-3-1971

Which state’s Chief Minister launched 'Jalsathi' programme?
- Odisha

 Which book written by PM Modi was recently launched in Braille edition?
- "Exam Warriors"

 Which Indian spinner became the first Indian to take a hat-trick twice in international cricket?
- Kuldeep Yadav

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