Important Gk Questions and Answers

Which Indian patriot died in jail due to hunger strike? -Yatindra Nath Das Who called Rabindranath Tagore as 'Great Sentinel of Modern India'? -Mahatma Gandhi The famous 'Lucknow Pact' was signed in 1916 between the Indian National Congress and -The Muslim League Who called Lord Irwin and Mahatma Gandhi as the two ‘Mahatmas'? -Sarojini Naidu Which great leader of Indian National Movement was referred to as 'Frontier Gandhi' and 'Badshah Khan'? -Abdul Ghaffar Khan The law declared by the Supreme Court shall be binding on all courts within the territory of India, it is under - Article 141 of the Indian Constitution Which Article of the Constitution of India deals with the Joint sitting of both Houses of Parliament in certain cases ? -Article 108 The feature to provide residuary powers to the centre in the Constitution of India is inspired from -Constitution of Canada The only ground for impeachment of President of India specified in Article 61(1) is -Violation of the Constitution In India, 'Right to Information' is a -Legal right The idea of preamble has been borrowed in the Indian Constitution from the Constitution of -The USA The Vice-President of India shall be ex officio Chairman of the Council of States under -Article 64 Rajasthan and Odisha have equal number of members in the Rajya Sabha. It is -10 members for each state Mizoram comes under the jurisdiction of -Guwahati High Court The Rajya Sabha can authorize the Parliament to make a law on a subject enumerated in the State list under -Article 249 Which Mauryan emperor was called 'Amitrochates' by Greek historians ? -Bindusara Who was the founder of the Nanda Dynasty in Magadha ? -Mahapadmananda 'Lotus and Bull' is the holy symbol to indicate the birth of -Mahatma Buddha Mahatma Buddha's first sermon at Sarnath was called -Dharmachakrapravartana (The Turning of the Wheel of Law) Which prominent sufi was also known as “Mahboob-i-Ilahỉ ? -Shaikh Nizam-ud-din Auliya Mihir Bhoja was the great ruler of -The Gurjara-Pratiharas dynasty Who was the spiritual guide and guru of Swami Vivekananda ? -Swami Ramakrishna Paramahansa Name the French Commander who was defeated in the battle of Wandiwash in 1760 AD ? -Count de Lally "Rise of the Maratha Power' was a prominent book written by -Mahadev Govind Ranade Who was the British Governor-General during the fourth Anglo-Mysore war in 1799 ? -Lord Wellesley Who was the President of the Indian National Congress Session in 1931 in Karachi where a resolution on Fundamental Rights and Economic Policy was adopted ? -Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Sardar Patel earned the title of 'Sardar' in -Bardoli Movement Michael O' Dwyer was shot dead in 1940 in London by -Udham Singh The Chittagong Armoury Raid was mainly planned by -Surya Sen

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