Important Gk Questions and answers

Which vitamin is used as an antidote to anticoagulant
-Vitamin K

The power of a lens is measured in 

A major problem in calculating National Income' in India is
-Non-monetised Consumption

At present, the size of marginal land holding in India
-Less than one hectare

The major saffron producing state in India is
- Jammu & Kashmir

'Slash and burn agriculture' is commonly known as
-Shifting agriculture

The excess of total expenditure over total receipts is called
-Budget Deficit

“Damping off disease in papaya is caused by

Planned Economy for India' is a book written by 
- M. Visvesvaraya

National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources' is
located at
-New Delhi

'Raj-3077' and 'Lok-1' are salinity resistant varieties of

International Convergence Zone (ITCZ), a low pressure zone, is located
-At the equator 

The water potential in leaves of plants is measured by
- Pressure chamber

Belgrade' and 'Budapest cities are located near the banks of
-The Danube river

How many zones are there in the Indian Railways at present?
-17 zones

'Triticale' is the first hybrid cross between
-Wheat and Rye

'Zulus' is an important tribe of 
-South Africa

Kayal in Kerala is a

Coconut Day is observed on
-September 2

Which region is the original habitat of the 'Toda' tribe ?
-Nilgiri Hills

The 'Dover Strait' is located between
-The United Kingdom and France

The 'Florida Strait is located between
- The USA and Cuba

Major part of ozone gas (about 90%) is located in the atmospheric layer of

Which region is referred to as “Key to the Mediterranean' ?

Kanha National Park' is famous for 

'Veer Savarkar International Airport' is located in
-Port Blair

The biological environment components are
-All plants, animals and microbes

Which article of the Indian Constitution recognizes directive principles of state policy for environment protection ?
-Article 48-A

What is 'Green Peace" ?
- An International Environment Protection Organisation

Thalassemia is a hereditary disease which affects

With the temperature, the viscosity of liquid

Who is the author of the book 'An Introduction to Climate' ?

One 'Nanometer' is equal to
- 10^-9 m

Who is the author of the book 'The Burning Forest'?
-Nandini Sundar

The process of improving the quality of rubber byh heatingit with sulphur is called

Kyoto Protocol' is related to 
-Climate Change

If Kyoto Protocol' is for carbon dioxide then Montreal Protocol' is for 

A 'Hydrogen Bomb' is based on
-Nuclear fusion

'International Day for Biological Diversity' is observed on
-May 22

Which element is generally used as a time  keeper in an atomic clock?

'Bakelite' is formed by the condensation of
-Phenol and Formaldehyde

In human body, Vitamin A is stored in


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