RRB NTPC previous year paper Questions

Political science questions in hindi
The Preamble of the Constitution of India has been amended only once so far, in 1976 by
The 42nd Constitutional Amendment Act 

42nd Amendment 
Known as 'mini constitution' Act passed by parliament on 11th November 1976. 

Three new words (i.e., socialist, secular and integrity) were added in the Preamble. Fundamental Duties by the citizens (new Part IV A) was added.

Four Directive Principles were added by 42nd amendment.
(i) To secure opportunities for healthy development of children (Article 39) 
(ii) To promote equal justice and to provide free legal aid to the poor (Article 39 A) 
(iii) To take steps to secure the participation of workers in the management of industries (Article 43 A) 

(iv) To protect and improve the environment and to safeguard forests and wild life (Article 48 A). 

The 42nd Constitutional Amendment Act incorporates three words in the Preamble. These words are
Socialist, Secular and Integrity

The procedure and method of election of President has been taken from the
Irish Constitution 

The concept of 'Office of Governor' in the Indian Constitution is inspired from the
Government of India Act, 1935 

Which part of the Constitution deals with the 'Amendment of the Constitution' ?
Part XX 

Which Article of the Indian Constitution deals with the 'original jurisdiction of the Supreme Court' ?
Article 131 

Who appoints a member of the Lok Sabha as the Speaker Protein and administers oath to him ?
President of India 

Articles 52 to 78 in Part V of the Constitution deal with
The Union Executive

In absence of the Chief Justice of India, the oath of office of the President is administered by
The Seniormost judge of the Supreme Court 

The joint sitting of the two houses of Parliament is governed by the Rules of Procedure of
Lok Sabha 

Indian National Movement 

Regarding the Government of India Act, 1935, who made the remark, "It was a new charter of slavery' ?
Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru 

Who earned the epithet of 'Heroine of the 1942 Movement' ?
Aruna Asaf Ali 

Who was the Governor-General of India when McDonald's Communal Award was announced ?
Lord Willingdon

Who was called 'The Father of Unrest in India' by V. Chirol ?
Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak 

Who is the first Indian to be elected to the British Parliament in 1892 ?
Dadabhai Naoroji

Who was the President of the Indian National Congress on August 15, 1947
J.B. Kriplani 

Who is known to be the political guru of Copal Krishna Golchale ?
Mahadev Govind Ranade 

Who launched the newspaper 'Bombay Chronicle' during India's struggle for independence ?
Pherozeshah Mehta 

Who was the former name of 1-larijan Sevak Sangh' ?
All India Anti-untouchability League 

The birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel on October 31, is observed as
The National Unity Day 

History and Culture of India 

Bal Gangadhar Tilak was of the oponion that the original home of the Aryans was the
Arctic region 

Who was the founder of the sect of the 'Ajivikas' and also the contemporary of Lord Mahavira ?
Makkhali Gosala 

Second Buddhist Council was organised in Vaishali during the reign of
King Kalashoka of Shisunaga dynasty 

Which Rashtrakuta ruler is stated to have performed the Hiranyagarbha ritual to assert his political dominance ?

Mughal emperor Jahangir gave the title of 'English Khan' to
William Hawkins 

Which Mughal Prince was a great supporter of the Hindu-Muslim Unity ? He also wrote 'Majm-ul-Bahrain' to propagate his ideas on Hindu-Muslim harmony.
Prince Dara Shikoh 

Great scholars like Vasumitra, Asvaghosha, Charak and Nagarjuna were the members of the royal court of
King Kanishka 

Which saint propounded the Vishishtadvaita philo-sophy ?
Ramanuj Acharya 

The head of 'Royal Correspondence' in Shivaji's Ashtapradhan was called
Surnavis (Sachiv) 

Nizam-ul-Mulk Asaf Jah founded the State of Hyderabad in
1724 A.D. 

Geography (India and the World) 

Niagara Falls is located between
Lake Erie and Lake Ontario 

'Pranhita' and 'Kinnarasani' are tributaries of
The Godavari river 

Kuroshio is a warm ocean current which runs from
Philippines to japan 

Which current raises the temperature near the eastern coasts of North America and the Western Coast of Europe ?
Gulf Stream 

The 'Tropical Grasslands' in Venezuela and Colombia are known as

'Aswan Dam' has been built on which African river ?
Nile river 

The Great Indian Desert lies to the west of
The Aravali range 

Lines joining places experiencing a thunderstorm at the same time are known as

'Shipki-La' and 'Bara-La' passes are located in
Himachal Pradesh 

Winter rains in the North Indian plains are caused by depressions coming from the
Mediterranean Sea